butter Berkley Coming Soon!

Choosing Berkley for our Flagship wasn’t by chance. We are proud to be a part of the Berkley community, not only as residents and business owners, but to be able to contribute to its prosperity. Many of our team frequents its shops, restaurants and seasonal events and has done so for the past decade. Over 4 years ago the butter brand was built from a co-working space in downtown Berkley and we are so excited to welcome you into our space on December 9th.  

During the summer of 2019, the butter team decided to go all in on bringing a cannabis store to life in the city of Berkley.  When the city of Berkley voted and had a 76% approval rating in support of cannabis, the journey began towards opening a butter flagship store in the same city where the company was founded.  

Following the release of the city's ordinance, two of the butter founders hit the streets.  They literally rode bikes around the city, while carefully analyzing the green zones and the rules within the ordinance.  We began knocking on doors to find out what properties could be a fit for the store. After very careful planning, 37 properties were identified as capable of earning points within the cities merit system and competitive application. Fast forward through many months of asks, negotiations, changes to the green zones & ordinance, and we landed on 2222 W 11 Mile rd. We found a new home for butter and had a path forged towards earning a retail license. About 9 months of planning and writing 800+ pages was followed with the perfect score being submitted to the city of Berkley for review. 

 Fast forward and we are here. December of 2023, over 4 years later, we are humbled and found with overwhelming joy, proud to be opening our doors to serve the residents of the communities around us.  We are honored to have this opportunity. Thank you to the city of Berkley and all those who have supported butter on this journey.  Please join us in celebrating our company's greatest milestone.  Thank you - more butter on the way!