Sustainability at butter.

  • Pre-roll Tubes -
    Our pre-rolls come in premium biodegradable tubes that are made in America. After only 268 days of compost these tubes degrade up to 90%.

  • Glass Jars -
    We utilize glass jars for our flower! The jars themselves are recyclable and reusable. The lids are also mindfully produced using a bi-injection molding process that produces no waste compared to generic circular seals that typically waste 32% of materials. This process also keeps the cannabis fresh.

  • Tins -
    Fitting comfortably in your palm or pocket, our tins measure 2in by 3in at the thickness of a bic. The top of the tin has a custom insert that allows the tin to seal tightly on the double walled bottom; allowing for extended freshness. Plus, repurpose the tin box for any necessities you may need!