The butter difference.

Here at butter one of the first pillars we stand on is doing whatever it takes to cultivate great cannabis experiences for our consumers. What does that mean? Well for us, that means achieving an experience that is memorable, different, and uncompromising. That’s having a stellar look, an enticing smell, a delicious taste, and a discernable effect. How we get there looks like this, we have a cultivation team that is not afraid to kill….

The odds of a seed making it to the final stages of production in our facility is rare. This process is known as “Pheno-hunting”, it is time consuming and resource intensive as it is not profitable or convenient. Our keep rate is about 2%, for every strain we keep, we grew and tossed away 98% of our work. The entire process takes an average of 5 months from start to finish.

Within that miniscule fraction we are looking for truly exceptional characteristics. We do this by avoiding mainstream genetics and only putting time and resources into legitimate cultivars and unique genetic profiles. Our cultivation team seeks plants and cuttings from the small circle of breeders and collectors who put their passion first.

That is why here at butter we don’t think that we are cultivating plants, we are cultivating art, community, people, and a better planet through thoughtful and intelligent design. We love to collaborate and support local cultivators and small time, oftentimes unheard-of breeders, especially those with strong community ethics. Just like the way it all began. We are here to build a butter world, and that starts with putting you, first.