Let's build a butter world.

Cannabis Dispensary located near Ann Arbor, MI

butter is a cannabis lifestyle brand, founded & rooted in Michigan.

Our focus is to make high quality products for all and in doing so, better society. The plant has the power to help us become better individuals and with a proper understanding, all consumers should realize their desired effects of cannabis products. At butter, we believe people and plants are better together.

Our Process

How we are building a butter world.

At butter, our philosophy is simple: we strive to be honest, transparent, and always maintain unwavering integrity in everything we do. It’s about embracing a deeper connection with our work, going beyond the surface. We delve into the fundamentals, grounding ourselves in the science that allows us to stay centered on our journey toward mastery.


In this ever-evolving cannabis market, “craft” has become a buzzword. It’s everywhere, but we understand not everything labeled as “craft” truly lives up to its name.


Our pursuit is different. We’re driven by a relentless desire for exceptionalism. It’s not about claiming to be the absolute best; rather, it’s about challenging ourselves to surpass yesterday’s standards, rise above the ordinary, and cultivate something extraordinary.


Let’s be real. In any industry, the circle of elites is small. The cannabis industry is no exception. We don’t claim to have reached the pinnacle of perfection. At the core, we believe there’s a strain out there for everyone, a unique combination of qualities that resonates with each individual. When you choose butter, you can always expect exceptional quality that few can produce.